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Thank you for visiting and my online store to view and order your items.

Photographs are arranged by event and date. Photographs are reviewed by us prior to uploading to our site and any unacceptable ones are discarded. Once you place an order for a photograph, we then enlarge it and crop it for the size photo you have ordered. It is also reviewed and corrected for proper exposure and color. An example of an entire album which has already been enlarged and cropped is "Big Easy Higlights", March 4-5. Also, pictures in the preview album are of low resolution. The pictures you receive will be of a much greater resolution (for a better preview of the resolution, visit ( Your order is then transmitted to the photo lab we have chosen (who also reviews your prints), photos are printed and the lab mails them directly to you.

I have listed some of the more common sizes for print orders. However, there are many more options available. If you are looking for something which is not listed, please be sure and ask. We'll be happy to let you know what options are available and the price.

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Save on orders of $100 or more. Receive a 25% discount on all orders of $100 or more by typing in the discount code of Save25.

Thank you again for choosing and I hope you enjoy your pictures.